Mr. Michael Philips

Chief Executive Officer


Michael is a pioneer and innovator with over 15 years experience in the computer, e-business and telecommunications industry. Michael started his entrepreneurial journey as a college undergraduate. He co-founded and in the year 2000 with a cumulative 30,000 registered memberships.  This was an era when internet penetration in Nigeria was not up to 10 percent.

He is a member of various international organizations in the wireless and Mobile industry. He is a graduate of Engineering and attended the prestigious Kaduna Business School and Enterprise Development Centre of the PAN-Atlantic University home to the esteemed Lagos Business School.  He is a member of Project Management Institute PMI US and has an Executive Masters Certificate (EMC) in Project Management from the Project Management College UK. His interests are Knowledge Consulting, developing and realizing ideas, mobile marketing, Mobile entertainment, Project management, IT Consulting, Marketing, Strategy, New Media, Music, project management, Young Adults developmental project, Motion Graphics and Film making.

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