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Mortal Kombat Vs Injustice is a Crossover Figting game developed by Netherrealm Studios, DC Comics and Warner Bros Games. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition enhances the bold new franchise to the fighting game genre from NetherRealm Studios. Featuring six new playable characters, over 30 new skins, and 60 new S.T.A.R. The wiki about Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2, fighting games published by WB Games and developed by NetherRealm Studios, the same studio that created Mortal Kombat.

Long before Kryptonians inhabited their eponymous planet, it was home to a scientist that repeatedly experimented on an artificial being that was meant to be the most dangerous animal in the galaxy.

Screenshots. Injustice : Les Dieux sont Parmi Nous – Ultimate Edition sur PlayStation 4 : retrouvez toutes les informations, les tests, les vidéos et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. With Stephen Amell, Troy Baker, Adam Baldwin, Kimberly Brooks. Injustice 2 : Le dernier-né des studios Warner sort dans à peine une semaine, l'occasion de vous expliquer tout ce qu'il y a à savoir sur Injustice 2 dans une vidéo. Featuring six new playable characters, over 30 new skins, and 60 new S.T.A.R.
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Download and play Injustice 2 PC and build up your iconic DC legends. Their colossal and deadly battles threaten the world with their sheer force. Due out for release in April of this year, an epic campaign is currently running where fans around the world can take part and vote in a deathmatch tournament that follows some of Earths mightiest heroes and deadliest villains pitted against each other. TEST. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, often stylized as TMNT, who originate from Mirage Studios, are playable guest characters in Injustice 2.All four are available through DLC as part of Fighter Pack 3. In an alternative universe where Superman establishes a new world order under his iron fist, Batman and other heroes must fight back against Superman and those that have pledged their allegiance to his dictatorship.
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FIGHT Use the touch screen mechanics of your mobile device to battle your enemies in 3-on-3 action combat. Watch Queue Queue Queue Directed by Ed Boon, Dominic Cianciolo. Customization seems to play a pretty big role in Injustice 2. Once we get more information for the game, we will fill in everything we know. Injustice Arcade. It is complete with all locks and keys and coin mechanisms. It will be avalible for Xbox 360,Ps3,Ps4,Ps5 and Wikia-2.0. Injustice Arcade. Delivery is available.

Click here for more details! Labs missions, this edition packs a punch. Injustice 2 E3 2016 Trailer Stills INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is a free-to-play collectible card game where you build a roster of characters, moves, powers, and gear and enter the arena in touch-based 3-on-3 action combat. Please visit the About page here to learn more about this wiki and/or how to contact support. Thanks for your patience and we apologize for any delay and inconveniences this might have caused.

GAME FEATURES: – Officially licensed by Warner Brothers. He is classified as a Power User.